5 Best Exercises That Will Burn Your Armpit Fat

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Armpit Fat

Armpit Fat, worry about it?? With the summer approaching, we have reached the point of realization that not a thing is achieved from our New Year health resolutions. Darling, it’s high time you should think. I know it kind of went out of the way but no excuse. We all in some way or the other feel insecure about our own body even when that is not even noticeable to some other person. Some may want a midriff with abs, some with only curves, a toned figure, etc.

It is all about how you want to represent yourself in appearance. For some people reducing fat in some part of their body like armpit fat, maybe in their wish list. Talking about parts, a lot of people strive to reduce armpit fats.

If you are someone who is looking to cut the extra fat on your armpit then you can read the article till the end. You will get to know the ‘what to-dos’.

Causes of armpit fats

Having fats near your armpit is not to worry about until and unless you yourself have a sore eye over that. Armpit fats are very common and you can easily find ladies around you with such extra qualities. There are many causes of having armpit fats. 

The very first can be dedicated to genetic traits. If you see your mom, dad, aunt having these fats, you should not be surprised if you have them too, because they are in your genes.

Secondly, and the most common is wearing a bra that does not fit properly you. When you wear a bra that is smaller than your size, the fats in your breast gets transferred to space where they are not tightened, and that results in your armpit fats. The size of your breasts matters too. If you have large boobs then you are more likely to develop armpit fats. 

Having armpit fat is not restricted to any specific characterized people. Anyone can have them. 

To stay fit you should pay heed to woman’s health.

How to lose armpit fats

When focusing on losing armpit fat, there are two things that you should keep in mind:

  1. Include more cardio and general strength training to your routine
  2. Pay more efforts on specific strength exercises.

To tone your armpit, the most important areas that you should focus on are your back and chest.

Some exercises that will help you reduce armpit fats are:

  • Lying chest fly

This will work for your chest and upper arms. 

Direction: lie flat on the ground. Hold your legs up at an angle of 90 degrees. Use your core strength to balance your legs. Now lift a small weight with your hands. Start with keeping your hands to the side of your chest and then lift them up straight to your chest. 

  • Pull-ups

This exercise will help you build muscles and burn fats.

Direction: pull yourself up by hanging on to something above you. Only use your hands to lift your body up.

  • Chest press

This will be for your chest and upper arms.

Direction: lie down straight on the floor. Hold light weights with your hands and keep your hands to the sides with the elbows at right angles. Now straighten your hands to the upward direction, straight to your chest. 

Armpit Fat
  • Standing reverse fly

This exercise will strengthen your back and chest as well as the back of your upper arms.

Direction: hold weights on your hands and keep your hands facing forward. Now lean a bit forward by bending your knees, then lift your hands to the up-facing ceiling. Again bring the hands down and repeat this process.  

  • Pulling weights

Toning your back is a must to lose fat near the armpit and this is the exercise that focuses more on your back. 

Direction: lie down on the floor straight with your tummy facing downwards. Keep your hands straight to the sides and hold some weights. Now lift your hands, arms and chin away from the floor. Repeat this process.

Doing some of these strategic exercises, you will efficiently reduce your armpit fat and have a toned body that you have always imagined yourself as. The crucial ingredient in such a process is effort and willpower and I hope you master in them. 

Anindita BhuyanAnindita Bhuyan
Anindita Bhuyan, a graduate of BBA in International Business and a native of Assam. I crave to experience an odyssey and share that via words, that is where I have an eternal love for writing.

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