About 10-20% of people sleep on their backs every day. There are two main positions that back sleepers usually sleep in- The “Soldier” position which is sleeping straight with arms pointing towards the legs and the “starfish” which involves sleeping with legs slightly apart and arms above the head.

Back sleepers may not have a refreshing sleep on a regular or ordinary mattress and finding the right kind of mattress for your back sleeping habit can be tiring. Many types of mattresses benefit and some have their own drawbacks. Some differ in quality and are not long-lasting. 

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Depending on your sleeping position, it might not be suitable to choose any kind of mattress, especially if you have back pain and neck. We are here to save your time and energy of finding the best mattress for your back. In this article, you will find out how to choose the right type of mattress for back sleepers and some amazing recommendations for the same! 

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How to choose the best mattress for a sound sleep? 

A proper mattress is very important as you spend 6-8 hours sleeping on a mattress and having a mattress that supports your back is crucial. If you are a back sleeper, you need to be very careful when buying a mattress. Here are few things to remember while purchasing a mattress for your back: 


If the mattress is too soft, you’ll be sleeping with an arch all night that can cause deformation and pain and if the mattress is too firm, you may feel pain in your spine and ultimately declining your sleep quality. So, choose a mattress having medium firmness. 

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We aim for all good quality products and why not mattress? A good quality mattress ensures longevity. A good quality mattress will not sag and deform easily. So, pay attention to the materials used and then make a choice. 


The materials and builds are very important factor while picking a mattress. Ensure the number of layers, the lowest usage of glues, effective springs and other factors that affect the formation of the mattress.  


Buying an expensive mattress doesn’t always mean it would ensure longevity and quality. Stick onto the above factors and do not fall for the myth ‘expensive is better’. Good sleep is a priority while picking a mattress. 

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Best Mattresses For Back Sleepers To Buy From Amazon 

A new mattress is the most amazing way to upgrade your sleep quality and there are many kinds of varieties of good quality mattresses available for you to buy and we have made it a lot easier for you! Here are a few mattresses recommendations for your ease: 

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress 

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress is an all-purpose mattress which gives improved comfort by delivering ranging levels of firmness. It comes in medium firmness level, so whether you prefer a more firm surface or a soft surface because this mattress provides a soft feeling on one side and adequate support and firmness on the other.

Back Sleepers

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The fabric is breathable for you to sleep better and the foam used gives a medium-firm support base, so say hi to goodnight sleep. Cover of the mattress is removable and made of premium spun polyester fabric. 

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Duroflex Back Magic- Orthopedic Coir Mattress 

Forget your back aches with Duroflex Back Magic. Designed to make your muscles relax and provide advanced back support. This is extra firm and has a naturally cooling coir that provides firm support. It is breathable and ensures freshness and hygiene. It has 7 layers for giving enough orthopaedic support to your back and spine.

Back Sleepers

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The high-quality material increases the durability of the mattress and the covering gives a luxurious and plush feel to make you feel as comfortable as possible. So, back sleepers do not think twice to have it in your bedroom. 

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Sleepyhead Original- 3 Layered Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

If you are someone who loves a mattress that is not too hard or too soft or too springy, Sleepyhead mattress is just one right for you. Why? Well, it is a medium-firm mattress which is highly supportive but also comfortable and soft, the quality a good mattress must-have.

Back Sleepers

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The base is made of firm foam, the middle with memory foam and a breathable layer which is soft and comfortable at the top makes you sleep content. The right amount of firmness, bounce, density and support makes this mattress a good choice for back sleepers. 

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SleepX Dual Comfort Mattress 

Different sleepers have different preferences and this mattress cares for all the preferences. SleepX Dual Comfort Mattress comes with the soft surface on one side and hard yet supportive surface on the back, so even if your sleeping habits change, you don’t have to buy another mattress for it.

Back Sleepers

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This mattress is made with high-quality foam that ensures maximum support and comfort. This mattress also comes with the usable surface on both sides with a firm core on one for improved spine alignment and back support and medium softcore on the other side for a soft feeling, the best one for back sleepers. 

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SleepWell Starlite Discover Foam Mattress

Who doesn’t want a mattress that is pocket friendly, provides more comfort with breathable fabric? You can try this multi layered core mattress for having the most luxurious mattress experience.

Back Sleepers

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The base is made with air mesh fabric for enhanced air circulation, a hard and wide foam above it, soft puff foam in the quilting for better comfort and knitted fabric on the top, the 4 layers together makes this mattress a must have for back sleepers. Also, the price might be under your budget umbrella too! 

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