They say that touch leaves behind a memory that persists even after the physical sensation of it has long passed. This makes our hands the keepers of those memories, twin-graves of time that still hold onto so much of the past. It is our hands that allow us to eagerly feel the world around us and all the little treasures it reveals to us. It is with our hands that we clutch warm bowls of soup and feed them to a dear one. 

It is with our hands that we caress the faces of our lovers and tuck tiny notes in their shirt pockets. It is with our hands that we quietly bandage the lonely bruises left behind at the end of the day and dare to once again reach for the gentle light of hope.

This is why our hands often end up bearing the brunt of all the effort that goes into living this life. They grow weary and tired, cracking and peeling with the seasons, yet unable to catch a break. It is so important to look after them, especially as we grow older. No, this is not to keep them looking ‘pretty’ or ‘young’.  A large part of our societal beauty standards focuses on denying the aspect of ageing, especially in women. But we must not approach hand-care and skin-care with the intention of fulfilling someone else’s expectations. 

No, we must approach it from the lens of genuine self-care, feeling our love and respect for our bodies only grow tenfold with time. When it comes to hand care, it can be confusing to pick out a particular product that suits your hands. Well, worry not, because we are here with a list of the 5 best hand creams for ageing hands. One or two of them will surely call out to you. 

Importance of Good Hand Care

Our hands touch at least a hundred surfaces every day and then touch our own faces a million times. This can also irritate our skin and affect the protective layer that keeps infections at bay. It can then be an entryway for many germs to enter our body systems. This might not only affect us, but also the people around us and any stranger with who we might come in contact.

Hence, it is responsible to wash your hands regularly, using a soap that is gentle on the skin. It can also be good to carry paper soap and hand sanitizer if possible. A handkerchief, napkin, or tissue paper can also help in keeping your hands dry and clean. However, we must not have a superiority complex and exclusionary standards of hygiene. It is a privilege to have access to resources that help in self-care and self-cleanliness. It is important to look at societal-administrative structures and work on making sure that basic water and other self-hygiene products are available to everyone.

Not everyone can practice self-care in the same way and so, it is okay to just do what you can at the moment. Even a simple dip in the water or wiping with a cloth is better than nothing. Other than cleaning our hands, we can also care for them in other additional ways. Regular wear and tear, and even excessive cleaning can result in dried, wrinkled hands. This can be quite uncomfortable and even painful at times if the skin is too cracked. 

Here is where hand creams and hand moisturizers come into the picture. The best hand creams for ageing hands can nourish your skin and rejuvenate it. They supply your palms with the necessary nutrients and benefits that they need. 

They can also protect you from sun damage and keep your hands feeling fresh throughout the day. Certain hand creams, provided they are recommended by dermatologists, can also help in easing skin conditions. And don’t assume that these are just old woman hand creams, even though that is equally important. Rather, these hand creams are for people of all ages and often come in different varieties, so you can pick one which suits your skin type the best. 

Also, topping that with eating skin-healthy food, natural alternatives might just double those benefits. Again, such hand care is not affordable for everyone, so we must be aware of that. This is even more of a reason to be responsible and sustainable with the resources we use for looking after ourselves.

Best Hand Creams for Ageing Hands

When it comes to hand creams, there are so many options available in the market. All the top hand cream brands regularly come out with newer products that offer so many new benefits. There are hand creams that focus on sun damage or softening wrinkles or providing anti-oxidizing benefits. There are so many different colors and scents available, such as women’s hand cream smells like citrus, lavender, or even jasmine. Thus, it can be difficult and overwhelming to make a choice.

But this process might just be a little easier if you have a look at this compiled list of the 5 best hand creams for ageing hands. Before you start, remember that it is always best to consult your dermatologist first so you can choose the product safest for you.

1. Aveeno Skin Relief Intense Moisture Hand Cream

This hand cream from Aveeno is designed for intense hand relief, being non-greasy and fast-absorbing. Its rich formula has been nourished with soothing oatmeal that helps restore the natural pH value of the skin and incredible emollients which provide much-needed moisturization to your dry hands. 

It is also fragrance-free and perfect if you are sensitive to smells. Once you put it on, you might not even notice that it is there, because it will have no scent or annoying stickiness. But you will definitely feel it take effect gradually over time.Just a little of this hand cream will keep your hands feeling refreshed and soft throughout your day, even after they have been washed! 

2. Skincare LdeL Cosmetics —— Retinol Anti-Ageing Hand Cream  

This non-greasy Retinol hand cream is rich, creamy and luxurious that generously hydrates your hands and leaves them feeling soft, smooth and supple. This formula is also filled with beneficial vitamins such as Vitamin A, C and E, while also containing Green Tea. It deep conditions your nails and cuticles, making sure that each part of your hand benefits from all its healing effects. Simply spending a few minutes of your day gently applying this cream over your hands could result in amazing positive differences in time.

3. –417   —— Anti-Oxidant Hand Moisturizer   

This 100% natural hand cream is a part of -417’s line of beauty care products that build upon the minerals found in the lowest place on the Earth, the Dead Sea. This cream is infused with Beeswax and Shea butter, softening the edges of any fine lines and giving your hard-working hands the fresh glow they deserve. 

But its softness is still effective protection for pollutants and external damage. The product is also free of any harmful ingredients, such as being paraben-free, gluten-free, and even sulfate-free. If you want to experience a healthy dose of nature bottled up in a modern way, a little of this hand cream in your routine will do just the trick.

4. AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream

AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream
AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream

This Dead Sea mineral-rich hand cream gives your hands the resilient protection and inner nourishment that they need. It contains revitalizing Witch Hazel extracts that smoothen skin, while the Allantoin provides relief towards cracked skin and blemishes. 

Its paraben-free vegan formula has been strictly allergy tested and contains the goodness of the Dead Sea, with potassium, magnesium and calcium. Applying a small amount of this cream throughout your day can not only make your skin feel lighter and livelier, but it can also be quite a relaxing process on its own.

5. Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream

This refreshing and soothing hand cream is here to gently awaken your hands once again. Its nourishing formula is free of parabens and phthalates and smells like magic. Its major components are hydrating almond milk and Vitamin E, along with conditioning Beeswax, which all come together to restore tenderness and healing to your hands. You can simply work it over your skin and see all its wonderful effects seep in.

A soft dose of this sweetly fragrant hand cream might just be the relief your hard-working hands have been craving. Hence, all these best hand creams for ageing hands have been designed to take away a little of that daily exhaustion. They can become an integral part of your skin-care and self-care routine, allowing that much-deserved love to absorb into your skin.

Choosing Best Hand Creams for Ageing Hands

When choosing hand creams, it is not enough to just pick the top hand cream brands. After all, we are not just searching for the best cream, but rather the cream which works the best for you. The most important thing is checking the list of ingredients to make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of them. Also, confirm if the product is cruelty-free and that it doesn’t contain any parabens or other potentially harmful added chemicals. 

It is always best to consult your dermatologist before trying out a hand cream. Your dermatologist will be able to recommend you a product that is safe and beneficial for your skin, saving you a lot of the try-and-reject time. Whenever trying out a new product, make sure to first apply it to a small area of your skin and leave it on for a day, to see how it affects you. Even if you have cross-checked the ingredients a hundred times, this test will help you minimize any potential side effects.

Finally, don’t hesitate to take time searching for a hand cream that is perfect for you. Go through all the offered benefits of each cream and see what is it that your hands need most at the moment. This will not only help in picking the most appropriate product but also give you the time and space to know your hands more.

Your Hands Grow Even More Beautiful With Every Year

Remember that beauty only deepens with age, seeping beneath the skin more and more with each year. This applies to your hands too, whether you use the best hand creams for ageing hands, or not. 

Your hands work hard in different ways at different points in your life. Sometimes they are excitedly clutching into a pacifier, the other times they are packing their first school bag. Sometimes they are bruising themselves on the knifeboard as they make a meal, other times they are getting muddied in the first rains, sailing paper boats in murky waters. Sometimes they are holding the hand of a lover for the very first time and other times, they are relearning what love means, as they try to keep themselves warm in the coldest times, over and over again, realizing that this can be enough too.

Your hands have been patient with you all these years, from the first time you held a pencil in your hand to when you learnt you hold your dreams within them too. So, as you embark on this self-care journey, intertwine your palms together and remember to be patient with yourself, too.

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