It’s high time ladies, let’s admit it!! Just like men, we also have facial hair and in this blog we are discussing about the facial razors for women. However, while most of us may have fair hair on our faces that are hardly noticeable as these hair are normally short as well as light-colored baby-fine hair. Many women have dark facial hair too and mostly these women remove their facial hair by using numerous tried & tested hair removal ways such as waxing, threading, and lasers. According to some of the recent reports, most of the women prefer shaving their facial hair. 

You will be also surprised to know that many beauty experts have even said that shaving has anti-aging benefits. Yes, you read it right!! Don’t you think that this is the one reason why men get fewer wrinkles than women? It may seem funny, but just give it a thought. Men constantly exfoliate their faces whenever they shave. It is also believed that shaving away the outermost layer of your skin encourages your skin to develop new layers.

Shaving is no more a “Bad thing”. If you still don’t believe, you can have a quick online research of your own to reveal that at present many modern women are doing it too. Before telling you about the 5 Best Facial Razors for Women, you should know why some women have too much facial hair? Do you have thicker & darker hair on your upper lip or chin? 

If yes, then before relying on any facial hair removal method, you should know that some of the medical conditions as well as medicines can be the reason for those thick hair on your face. Plus, this condition can also be genetic. Therefore, if the hair on your face suddenly starts growing thicker & darker, then you should consult your doctor. Before trying the below-listed Facial Razors for Women, make sure that you do not have any major medical problems.

Best Facial Razors For Women

Here is the list of the 5 Best Facial Razors for Women that are also recommended by the beauty experts: 

Facial Razors
Facial Razors

1. Shiseido Prepare Facial Razor 

These Japanese female razors are really small enough to adjust under your chin. These women razors also have enough edge to clear away your peach fuzz and also they are not at all sharp that they will nick you. Many well-known Dermatology Groups agree that Shiseido Prepare Facial Razor is an excellent choice. However, make sure you do not reuse a razor blade since these Facial Razors for Women are both cheap as well as disposable, hence you will find no difficulty to use a new razor for every shave.

2. Tinkle Eyebrow Razor 

Tinkle is a single blade razor, which is particularly made for women with fine hair on their faces. Don’t go by its name, as you can use it other than your brows as well. Many beauty experts suggest that Facial Razors for Women should be avoided when it comes to your eyebrows as a wrong move can result in weeks of awkwardness. You should tweeze your brow area, especially if you need a specific & attractive shape.

3. Gillette Venus Comfort Glide White Tea Women’s Razor 

You can also use the Venus triple blade razor with a smooth glide strip. Both these Venus razors help you to remove your facial hair effortlessly from your skin. Also, you can get the best results if you shave in the direction of your hair growth instead of shaving against the grain. 

4. Bulldog Original Bamboo Razor

While Bulldog Original Bamboo Razor is marketed for men, many dermatologists have said that this eco-friendly razor works the women as well. It not only provides a close shave but also leaves your skin smooth. Most importantly, this razor is recyclable as it is made of bamboo. 

5. Medpride Disposable Twin Blade Razors

This twin-blade razor is just easier to use than those with an exposed & single blade that can probably nick your skin while shaving if you are not careful. It is now an open secret that shaving is one of the best methods to get rid of your facial hair as well as prepping your skin for an easy makeup application. So, try any of the above-listed Facial Razors for Women and achieve a smooth & hair-free face.