There is a kind of thrill that comes with shopping. Navigating the crowded lanes, trying to find what you are looking for, attempting to get there before other customers. Roaming wide-eyed, feeling utter awe at the variety of products available, filling your bags with excitement akin to that of a child. Trying to bargain with shopkeepers to get the best price, making the most of the discounts available, feeling a sense of pride when you manage to get a good deal. 

The experience of shopping contains so much more joy than the final result. Your legs may feel tired afterwards and you will swear not to do it again, but there will be a warm burn in your heart, making you feel so incredibly alive.

Perhaps that is what so many of us deserve in 2021, especially after how last year has been. With most of us having been stuck inside our homes, shopping was reduced to the few essentials we could buy online or nearby, that too is a privilege for those who could do it. This year, with the help of medical science, we will hopefully be able to immerse ourselves in the outer world again. And what better way to make the most of this precious freedom than to go enjoy some shopping festivals? While taking the necessary precautions, of course.

Luckily for us, there are many shopping festivals being held worldwide, each one as vibrant and exciting as the other. Located in different countries across different continents, these shopping festivals are a multicultural hub, brimming with newfound connections and happiness. 

4 Biggest Shopping Festivals

Today, we are going to tell you about the 4 biggest shopping festivals of 2021, to start this year on a hopefully brighter note:

1. Dubai Shopping Festival

Held from 17 December 2020 to 30 January 2021 this time, the Dubai Shopping Festival is undoubtedly one of the most amazing events worldwide. Boasting incredible discounts on a variety of products for millions of customers, the Dubai Shopping Festival has it all.

Dubai Shopping Festival
Dubai Shopping Festival

There are a variety of items available, from handicrafts, luxury items to even cars if you can afford it. Not only this, but the festival also has other events planned for you to enjoy, should you need a break. The firework display, live musical events and cultural displays are only a few amongst the endless list that Dubai Shopping Festival has prepared.

So, you can be sure to enjoy yourself even if you are not too interested in shopping. After all, just the atmosphere of the streets is worth the experience.

2. Korea Grand Sale

This time’s Korea Grand Sale will be held online from 14 January to 28 February 2021. Don’t let the online factor put a damper on your fun because the festival will be one of its kind, completely spectacular. 

Korea Grand Sale
Korea Grand Sale

A leading event in Korea’s tourism and shopping, Korea Grand Sale will feature an online shopping mall which will offer discounts up to 60% on many popular products, especially those pertaining to the food, beauty and K-pop industry.

Online shopping sites will run join promotions and people can even enter lucky draw events to win tours to Korea. Major hotels will have discounts to provide comfortable accommodation for any tourists. 

There will be other exciting events, such as a musical performance by the K-pop group Oh My Girl and an even video featuring Korean-American singer Eric Nam! So, people can tune in to catch just that!

3. The Great Singapore Sale

Held for a period of almost 2 months all over the nation, The Great Singapore Sale remains to be one of the biggest shopping festivals of 2021. The festival is conducted across a variety of malls such as Orchard Mall and Paragon Mall, which are great shopping destinations.

Great Singapore Sale
Great Singapore Sale

There are many places where you can bargain, to get the best deals for the best products. From electronics, jewellery, fashion, etc. there are a lot of products for you to choose from. There are live events such as musical concerts for you to enjoy and many gift giveaways where you can try your luck. 

The Great Singapore Sale is also an amazing event for multicultural shopping, where you can catch a glimpse of a diverse world within the streets. There are also special souvenirs you can buy to take home as memories of a wonderful time. 

4. Istanbul Shopping Festival, Turkey 

This year, the Istanbul Shopping Festival is happening from 30th June to 17th July 2021, in the city of Istanbul, in Turkey. It is one of the biggest shopping festivals worldwide, held across 9 shopping malls and the Grand Bazar. 

Istanbul Shopping Festival, Turkey
Istanbul Shopping Festival, Turkey 

The best place to shop for antiques and spices, amongst other products, this shopping festival is surely one for the books. It also has a variety of street shows, musical concerts, special performances and even fashion shows for you to enjoy. If you want to take a breather from shopping, you can simply rest your feet and immerse yourself in one of these events.

There are many discounts available on famous brands, which means that you can get your favourite items for a much reduced price. Other than that, the city itself is stunning in its architecture, so just walking around is sure to be memorable in itself.

Having a Grand Time with a Grand Vibe

Remember that the whole point of a shopping festival is to share a heart with the crowd, feeling happiness pool between strangers as you all take in the same sights. Try not to get too caught up in the materialistic aspect of things, even if it is a shopping festival. Instead, try to appreciate whatever experiences come your way, because those will stay with you longer than any of the products you buy. 

Grand Time with a Grand Vibe
Grand Time with a Grand Vibe

So, be safe and follow the given precautions, especially when travelling. When you find yourself amid the festivities, close your eyes and breathe the world in. Remember all the colour, smell and tastes that are crowding your senses, making you float. Years later, you will find yourself back at this moment and feel it all over again.

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