Are you tired of your dull, dry, and brittle hair? Weak and damaged hair can be a sign of something serious and should be treated accordingly. Brittle hair can be a result of many things from styling to lifestyle habits and health conditions. What is brittle hair? Well, it is a combination of frizzy, dry, dull, and damaged hair. If you keep your hair open and exposed to pollution, air, and sun, the hair is likely to become brittle. There is a wide range of causes of brittle hair, and understanding why your hair is getting brittle is significant as your hair is a mirror of your overall health. 

Read on to find out more about the causes of brittle hair and its treatment! 

Possible Causes of Brittle Hair 

Weak and damaged hair can be a result of so many reasons. If you are facing constant hair breakage with dry and dull hair, this might be a problem and should be solved. Without proper care and treatment, the hair can be worse than you expect. So, here are some causes of brittle hair, you should know about: 

1. Hair Products 

Certain hair products used for coloring, perming, and relaxing the hair can damage the hair. Hair products used for styling contain chemicals that can weaken and harm your hair.

Causes of Brittle Hair
Causes of Brittle Hair 

Some shampoos and hair cleansing products that contain harsh chemicals can also be a cause of hair breakage and frizzy hair. The acidity and pH level of the shampoo may affect the hair, creating friction between hair strands which further leads to hair breakage. 

2. Excessive Brushing

Sometimes we over-brush our hair thinking it will improve the hair texture but it’s not quite right. Brushing your hair too much can cause breakage and make your hair brittle.

Causes of Brittle Hair
Causes of Brittle Hair 

So, if you are thinking about what causes dry brittle hair, maybe it’s the brushing pattern that might be hurting. Brushing overly can be a reason for brittle hair. 

3. Weather 

Weather is equally responsible for weak and brittle hair than any other cause. You might have noticed your hair is extremely brittle in summer. This is because the hair is overly exposed to the sun which can dehydrate your hair, making it dry and weak. Well, we can’t just blame the summer, winter is equally responsible for dry and brittle hair because of the lack of proper moisture to the hair. 

4. Hormonal Changes 

Our hormones play a major role in your hair and skin health. Changes in your hormones can affect your hair to become brittle. Pregnancy, menopause, birth control medications, and other health conditions can fluctuate the hormones. The imbalance can cause a lot of changes in your body and brittle hair is a common and obvious one. This imbalance can make your hair damaged and brittle. 

5. Stress 

Stress has a very significant and harsh impact on our health. Extreme stress can cause damage to the hair, making it brittle. Stress can make the hair roots go to the resting stage of their growth cycle before they are going to come loose from the scalp. If you are thinking about what causes dry brittle hair, maybe you should check your stress levels.

6. Poor Diet 

Diet is another very common and prominent reason why you have brittle hair. If your diet lacks proper amounts of protein and vitamins, your hair is likely to become brittle and more prone to breakage.

Poor diet
Poor diet

Consuming only sugary food, processed food, and unhealthy fats can cause the inadequacy of proper nourishment and nutrients. 

Tips for Healthy and Nourished Hair  

Now that you know what causes dry brittle hair, you must be thinking of ways to get rid of it! Well, there are some changes you can make in your lifestyle to make your hair healthy, strong, and nourished. Brittle hair is a cause of many bad lifestyle habits and now it’s time to change them. Here are some tips to have healthy and strong hair: 

1. Use Conditioners and Hair Masks 

Whenever your hair is cleansed, it needs proper nourishment and hydration which is delivered by hair conditioners and hair masks. Many people skip using the conditioner which is not right.

Use conditioners and hair masks
Use conditioners and hair masks

The shampoo takes away the moisture and that moisture is delivered by conditioners, so please use a conditioner! 

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2. Have a Good Diet 

As we know, poor nutrition causes brittle hair, and it’s very important to make healthy changes to your diet for healthy hair. The hair is made of protein, so it’s important to have adequate protein in your diet.

Have a good diet
Have a good diet

Also include eggs, omega-3 fatty acids, salmon, poultry, salmon, fruits, and vegetables in your diet. They are amazing for your hair. 

3. Be Gentle with your Hair 

The most common cause of brittle hair is being harsh with your hair. Using heat styling, over-brushing, tight hairstyles, excessive blow-drying, towel-drying, and constant hair rubbing can make your hair a mess. For strong and healthy hair, be gentle with it. Use minimal heat styling products, stop over-brushing and treat your hair gently, they won’t disappoint you! 

4. Reduce Stress 

Stress is a very serious cause of hair breakage because it doesn’t only affect the hair but overall health. Take a break from whatever makes your head heavy and relax. Stress is not good for your health, it can improve your hair health. 

5. Take Proper Care of your Hair 

Haircare is as important as skincare. Simple and routine hair care can make you get rid of brittle and damaged hair. Limit the sun exposure, give your hair a soothing massage that boosts blood circulation, do not switch the shampoos too often, use a silk pillowcase while sleeping. Simple hair care habits can improve the texture and health of your hair. 

This was all about brittle hair, its causes, and treatment. Following simple hair care tips can help improve your hair health if you do not see any changes happening, even after taking proper care of your hair, it might be because of some underlying condition, so consider talking to your doctor. 

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