It has been 27 weeks already? Say what? You have already reached the final stage of your second trimester now. Congratulations! Hats off to you! We can’t even wait two-three days for our online orders to arrive. Undoubtedly, a mother’s patience and grit are praiseworthy. 

Your baby literally gets under your skin and stays there for 9 months yet you take it all gracefully and with gratitude. No wonder why God gave women this blessing of bearing a child. No man could ever be able to go through it. Anyhow, the highlight of the week is you are 27 weeks pregnant. It is time to up a notch all preparations a little bit.

Keep your pregnancy bag prepared and stand by. Get sorted with baby’s nursery and all the other requirements. After entering into the third trimester, your body will go through a lot more changes and you may not be able to do it then. 

Pregnancy Week: 27

The size of the baby at 27 weeks is pretty much similar to cabbage. At 27 weeks pregnant, the baby measures about 13.5 inches in height and 1039 grams in weight approximately. 

At this point, your baby will also speed up its progress and learn new functions. Your little Einstein’s brain would now be more active than ever. It’s neurons and synapses, the juncture where brain cells meet, are forming. They are developing a complex connections system that would work throughout the areas of the brain. 

Did you know the best thing about being 27 weeks pregnant? Your baby recognizes your voice and your partner’s voice! Although, the sound she/he hears is muffled because of the vernix coated on its ears. But it is time that you start reading books, singing lullabies, or talking to your 27 weeks pregnant baby bump. Another great thing that your baby can do now have a taste of food and have hiccups. You can test it by eating spicy food.

After two or more hours later, when the food reaches your baby, it will be able to taste the change in amniotic fluid. Some babies respond to spicy food by kicking also. Your baby would also start having hiccups now. It may feel like you are having spasms in your belly and the baby might be uncomfortable. Don’t worry, it is a skill that babies need to learn and are not a pressing issue. 

Also, your baby’s lungs are under progress and preparing your baby to breathe after birth. The tiny air sacs in the lungs, called alveoli, are expanding. They will help your baby to take in and exchange air after birth. By the time, the surfactant that is being produced in a small amount by the cells of the lungs is preventing the alveoli from collapsing. These lung developments have kept your baby occupied now. Your baby would be practicing breathing amniotic fluid in a small amount. It would be busy doing this for 10% to 20% of its time. 

27 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

With the second trimester coming to an end, a new series of pregnancy symptoms would start. The honeymoon period of your pregnancy would come to a halt. Meanwhile, entering into the third trimester, the baby would grow steadily and so would your belly. The common pregnancy discomfort that you are most likely to experience this week is significant breast growth and hemorrhoids.

1. Breast changes

The added weight of your growing baby, placenta, amniotic fluid, and uterus causes your breasts to grow big and consequentially gain weight. Along with that, all the extra blood production and water retainment by your body also play a major role in these breast changes.

Usually, the size of your breasts is determined by the fat tissue present in it. But in the case of pregnancy, the milk-producing tissue that is in development for your baby and is growing determines the weight of your breasts. Thus, your breasts grow big and add to the weight of your pregnancy. 

2. Hemorrhoids

A very common symptom of pregnancy at this point in the period is hemorrhoids. Almost 25% to 35% of pregnant women experience this symptom and complain about it. The straining caused by constipation during bowel movements along with your growing uterus causing the increased downward pressure can result in swollen veins in your rectum. You can also feel burning, itching, and bleeding sensations due to hemorrhoids. They can even make it excruciating for you to move your bowels.

27 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

If your pregnancy is going smoothly and has not shown any complications, it is unlikely that you would have a prenatal visit this week. Anyhow, If you had an ultrasound scan this week, you would notice that your baby has grown quite big and can move around in your belly. Also, your little smartypants has started developing the complex parts of its brain. She or he would be showing some brain activity this week. 

Plus, your baby is getting ready to take its first gasp of fresh air in the real world. The lungs of the baby are under development. Your baby would be very active this week and would develop its muscle tone very soon. So pull up your socks, you might find yourself getting kicked and punched by that adorable little human rolling inside you. 

Some Self-Care Pregnancy Tips

Below are the tips for self care pregnancy:

Switch to maternity products 

Opt for wider and comfortable maternity bra straps. They would put you at some ease with your growing breasts. Also, you can start wearing your maternity dresses that would let your body breathe, unlike your regular clothes. During this stage of your pregnancy, your whole body would experience some kinds of aches or discomfort. You should forget your regular closet and lifestyle and opt for products that are beneficial for pregnant women. 

Eat a balanced diet and hydrate

Eating the right kind of food and adding fibrous food items in your diets like whole wheat, flax, fruit with skins, vegetables, brown rice, and lentils would help you with good digestion. Also, one major reason for constipation can be dehydration. Thus, drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated at all times.

You have made it this far and kept up with all those trialing and anxiety-filled days of your pregnancy. All the grit and grace that you have shown until now are applaudable. Keep up the good work!

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