There is no doubt that a baby fills your belly wholly, but it also fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty. While the baby is a work in progress, your motherhood is also brewing in the pot along with it. The moment your baby will be born is the moment your motherhood will also come into life naturally. So, if you have been feeling scared or clueless about how things are going to be, it is completely alright. Everything will fall into place itself, effortlessly. 

It has already been 23 weeks since the day you conceived the little love of your life. In just about 17 weeks, you would finally have a meeting on the earth-side that you would cherish for the rest of your life. Until now the pregnancy discomforts must have taken a toll on your health and made your lifestyle full of chaos and hullabaloo. But trust us, you would feel utterly blessed the instant you hold your baby in your hands. Therefore, hold your breath and take care of yourself and the baby till you finally get to meet your little human. 

Pregnancy Week: 23

At 23 weeks pregnant, you would be able to feel your baby’s growth yourself. You would sense it having a party inside your womb. After 23 weeks of pregnancy, the baby becomes more active and shows a lot of movements. You would now know that these aren’t gas bubbles fizzing inside but your junior goofy troublemaker. 

Being 23 weeks pregnant means your baby would have grown a little taller and must have gained some weight. It would measure about 11 inches in height and would weigh around 1 pound by now. The size of the baby at 23 weeks is the same as a big mango’s. 

Your baby would seem to be blushing a little this week. It is because of its saggy and transparent skin can’t fully cover the blood vessels flowing beneath. The fat is still in the developing stage and would be 100% completed by the time your baby is ready to step into the real world. Also, from this point on, your baby will gain weight steadily. In fact, it would be double its current weight by the next four weeks. 

Did you know your baby can respond to light? It sounds fascinating, no? You can check it for yourself! Babies can sense light as early as 23 weeks. You can flash a light on your belly and sense the baby responds by making movements inside. Besides eyes, your baby’s fingernails have also grown and reach its fingertips properly. Even though your baby has been making you dance on its fingertips since the day it was conceived, it has only developed them now. 

Anyhow, your baby is still preparing for the outside world. It is extremely rare for babies born before completing 23 weeks to survive. Although, a premature baby born during the 23rd week still holds a chance of surviving, according to the statistics. Such a premature baby would need extra care and precautions. It would be kept in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). It is a highly specialized care unit that helps in the survival of the baby. 

23 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

You must have experienced a lot of trying and wearing pregnancy symptoms until now. Discomforts like leg cramps, pregnancy brain, round ligament pain, backache, nasal congestion, heartburn, food cravings, and Braxton hicks contractions must have been lingering around you. However, you may experience two new pregnancy symptoms. You may notice yourself having hot flashes and vision changes at 23 weeks pregnant. 

1. Hot flashes 

The surging pregnancy hormones and rapid weight gain might cause you to experience sudden hot flashes. You might find yourself feeling warmer than you usually do. More than 33% of pregnant women complain about this pregnancy symptom after 23 weeks of pregnancy. Hence, it is quite common and isn’t a very concerning issue. 

2. Change in eyesight

Yet again, hormones are to be blamed for another pregnancy discomfort. The extra fluid production and hormones in the body can cause some changes in your eyes and vision. You may find yourself having blurred vision all of a sudden. Also, your eyes might start feeling dry and you may experience irritation or pain on wearing your contact lenses.

Even your eyelids may experience some changes this week. Although, these eyesight issues generally fade away once the baby is born. But if you have diabetes or high blood pressure, you must consult your doctor on experiencing this symptom. 

23 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

At 23 weeks pregnant, your baby would start forming its nipples. Also, the face of your little munchkin is fully formed. However, it needs a little fat beneath it to get into shape. Also, your baby can now sense light, hear sounds, and kick and punch you from the inside. It can even hear loud sounds like cars honking, dogs barking, etc.

Pregnancy Week 23
Pregnancy Week 23

Besides that, you can now hear your baby’s heartbeat using a stethoscope. Isn’t it great? Just plug the stethoscope in your ears and put it on your belly to hear your heartthrob’s heart beating inside you. 

Some self-care tips for pregnancy

Below are the self-care tips for pregnancy:

Bask in the sun

Vitamin D is extremely important for you and your baby both. Getting an ample amount of vitamin D would ensure your baby’s bone growth, brain development, and future mental health. It is also important for your immune system, bones, and skin. Basking under the sun for 5-30 minutes regularly would suffice your Vitamin D needs.

Wear comfortable clothes

Wear loose-fitting comfortable clothes, it will help with hot flashes. You need to wear comfortable clothes at this point in pregnancy. Your 23-week baby bump has grown bigger and doesn’t want to be held tight in fitted dresses. Also, it is time to flaunt your maternity dresses. 

After one more week, you would complete your second trimester as well. Although you still have some time on your hand to welcome your baby into your home, it is possible your baby could survive the real world now. If you have preterm labor, under extensive care, your baby can make it. With each passing week, your baby is becoming stronger and more ready than ever to join the real world. However, we advise you to take good care of yourself to ensure a healthy pregnancy and low-risk labor.