If you have ever mentioned wanting to lose a bit of weight use homemade‌ ‌body‌ ‌wraps , chances are that you have had tones on unwanted advice thrown at you. The minute you bring up the topic, there is already a line of relatives, ready to give you a list of remedies they swear will work. From suggesting you drink hot water in the morning to making all your meals go green, there are probably several methods you have tried. 

On the other hand, your friends are recommending this new diet or this fantastic workout, which has had amazing results for them. From intense cardio to relaxing yoga, there are so many solutions at your hand, that you can’t decide what to choose. Amidst all of this, you can feel a little stretched out.

So, what is it that you should try? Just what is the perfect method for losing weight? Well, the answer is that there is none. No method of losing weight is perfect and no fad diet will have magical results, especially if you start your fitness journey from a place of insecurity. Before trying anything else, it is important to do your research, so you can be safe in the process. After all, neither your physical nor mental wellbeing should be compromised on.

Today, we are going to be discussing one such popular fitness method: body wraps. Usually done in spas, body wraps are designed to tone your body, initiate detoxification and even have a slimming effect. But there are ways to design homemade body wraps as well. In this article, we are going to tell you all about those!

What Are Homemade‌ ‌Body‌ ‌Wraps?

So, just what are body wraps? Well, as their name suggests, getting a body wrap means a process in which you wrap your body tightly in a material such as a towel or a sheet, for around 30 to 90 minutes.

Homemade body wraps
Homemade‌ ‌Body‌ ‌Wraps

Usually, this material will contain special herbal ingredients which will detox your body, removing toxins. This process also increases the core body temperature, making you sweat, losing water weight. They also leave your skin feeling soft, pleasant and clean.

There are many different types of body wraps, depending on their purpose. Those designed for toning purposes are known as slimming body wraps, which might your body a slimmer appearance in the aftermath. It is slimming body wraps that a lot of people go for, even if their effect might be quite temporary since they most make you lost water weight and some cellulite. 

There are also other kinds of body wraps, such as heat body wraps, which are designed to make you sweat and detoxifying body wraps which help in ridding your body of toxins. There are even hydrating body wraps which provide hydration and nourishment to your body! Hence, different body wrap recipes are made for different purposes, so you can select one depending on your desired result.

Though a body wrap treatment is best done in a spa at the hands of a professional, this can often prove to be expensive or inconvenient. So, if you feel confident enough, you can try homemade body wraps! Homemade body wraps are made from ingredients found in your kitchen. Thus, you can select the materials which suit you the most and look after yourself!

How to use Homemade Body Wraps Safely?

If you want to give homemade body wraps a try, you need to exercise extra caution. There are those available in stores, or you can create a DIY body wrap. Depending on the option you choose, you need to be extremely responsible in the process.

Homemade‌ ‌Body‌ ‌Wraps
Homemade‌ ‌Body‌ ‌Wraps

First, make sure that you are aware of the materials used in the DIY body wrap recipe. Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients involved.

Second, a body wrap is designed to make you sweat, which means that you might feel quite dehydrated. So, make sure to drink a lot of water before you wear the DIY body wrap. Try to keep water at hand, so you can drink even while wearing the body wrap, if possible. And of course, make sure to drink plenty of fluids after your body wrapping session is done.

Precautions to Take 

Be careful not to overheat yourself. If you find yourself feeling too hot or light-headed, end your session immediately. Be extra careful when wrapping areas such as your stomach. It is best to steer away from wrapping your neck if you are not used to doing it yourself because you could accidentally end up tying it too tightly.

If using plastic sheets, do not tie too tightly, or else it could end up damaging your skin. Always listen to your body and how it is feeling amid any remedy. After all, taking care of yourself is most important and you should never have to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of any remedy whatsoever. 

Make sure to not overdo it. At most, only do a body wrap treatment around twice a week. It is always good to do it at the hands of a professional to avoid any side effects. If you are doing it on your own, make sure to do proper research and try it with someone present to help you out if necessary.

Finally, keep in mind that slimming body wraps are not a scientifically proven weight loss method. So, take it with a pinch of salt, because the results are likely to be temporary unless you follow them with consistent efforts such as a healthy diet and regular exercising. 

DIY Body Wrap Recipes 

So, you want to try making some homemade body wraps! Luckily, there are many DIY body wrap recipes available for you to use. 

Homemade‌ ‌Body‌ ‌Wraps
Homemade‌ ‌Body‌ ‌Wraps

Before using a body wrap, make sure to shower and use a scrub to exfoliate your dead skin, so that your body can absorb all the goodness of the body wrap to a maximum. This way, your body will flush out all those excess toxins, making you feel squeaky clean.

Now that you know how to prepare, here are 2 DIY body wrap recipes to get you started:

1. White Clay and Olive Oil Body Wrap 

This homemade body wrap is designed to lessen cellulite i.e. the dimpled-looking skin that occurs in certain areas. To make this wrap, you need the following ingredients:

  • 1 cup of white clay
  • 1 cup of Epsom salt
  • 50 ml of olive oil
  • 2 cups of warm water
  • 3 drops of rosemary essential oil
  • Linen bandages

First, add the Epsom salt to one cup of warm water, making sure to stir well. Then, dip the linen bandage in the water, letting it soak for around 2 minutes. Second, mix the white clay, olive oil and rosemary essential oil with the second cup of warm water in a bowl. This will be the body mask you apply on the desired area. Third, apply the body mask on the area of your choice and wrap it with the saltwater-soaked linen bandages. 

Finally, keep it wrapped for around an hour, after which you can remove it. Just with this, your body wrapping session is over, leaving you feeling fresher in the aftermath!

2. Fruit Body Wrap 

This homemade body wrap is designed to rejuvenate your skin with the nutrients of your favourite fruits. To make this wrap, you will need to gather the following ingredients: 

  • 10 grapes
  • 10 strawberries
  • 1/2 cup of papaya
  • 2 drops of lemon essential oil
  • Plastic wrap

First, mash the grapes, strawberries and papaya into a bowl together. To this, add the 2 drops of lemon essential oil, making sure to mix it well enough. Second, apply this mixture over your areas of choice and wrap it using the plastic wrap, making sure to not tie too tightly, or you might irritate your skin.

You can keep this wrapped on for around an hour, after which you are free to remove it. This should leave you to feel cleansed and energetic! Remember that one body wrapping session is not a permanent solution. If you do want to lead a healthier lifestyle, try making changes in your eating habits and incorporate exercise in your schedule. Make sure to also take regular breaks and relaxation periods, because stress can be a cause of weight gain, as well. 

Don’t Shame your Body, Embrace it

Whenever trying any fitness method, always start by respecting your body and promising to take care of it. No one should lose weight out of shame, because there is nothing wrong with being plus-size. People come in various shapes and sizes, each one just as valid as the others. 

Homemade‌ ‌Body‌ ‌Wraps
Homemade‌ ‌Body‌ ‌Wraps

So, when losing weight, you must not compromise on your comfort just to meet someone else’s pointless ideals. What matters is how you feel in your body and you should feel good all the time, every step of the way.