Did you know that Collagen is the only protein that is present in the most abundant amount in your body? And because it acts as the principal component of connective tissues for not one, but several body parts, it is considered to be extremely important for our bodies. 

So, we must provide our body with a good enough source of Collagen production. But if it’s already present in a large amount in the body, then why more? That’s because consuming Collagen boosting foods enhances its already existing functions along with providing several other benefits. 

Let’s see how that works. 

How is it produced in our body? 

Collagen is a protein which is made when amino acids combine with the other nutrients that we provide our body with by consuming supplements that are rich in protein. This is the main reason as to why it is crucial that we provide our body with foods that improve Collagen production. 

Where is it found and what does it do?

This protein is not found in just a single body part, instead, it is found in various parts of our body like muscles, skin, bones, ligaments, tendons, and even in our blood vessels. And surprisingly enough, it is also found in our teeth! Due to its prevalence in our body in such a wide range, it plays a major role in the healthy and proper functioning of our body. Besides being the major component of connective tissues, it helps in providing structure to our skin, strengthens our bones, increases the mass of our muscles, etc… 

This is why it is highly recommended to take foods that boost Collagen because it has a great number of health benefits and only a very few risks; the former include reducing wrinkles and dryness from your skin thereby improving the health of your skin, prevents bone loss, relieves joint pain, and also improves the elasticity of your skin. 

It also keeps your hair healthy by strengthening the roots of your hair, reduces nail brittleness and helps both of these to grow longer. 

What are the best Collagen boosting foods? 

Chicken is a rather renowned source of protein. But did you know that it also makes an excellent and rich source of dietary collagen? This is because chicken skin is high in collagen which is why a chicken tends to contain a high amount of connective tissue, hence being a great collagen supplement. 

  • Fish 

The bones and ligaments of fish are made up of collagen which is why it makes it a really easily absorbable source of collagen. Cod, mackerel, and herring are some fish that will provide you with collagen of great quality. 

According to studies, marine collagen is one of the best sources that improves collagen production. 

  • Garlic 

To produce collagen, our body needs sulfur and garlic is one of the best options for that. Not only that, garlic helps to repair and rebuild damaged collagen fibres as it tends to contain taurine. 

So, that’s your cue for more garlic bread, please! 

  • Berries and other citrus fruits 

Citrus fruits like berries, oranges, grapes, etc., tend to contain Vitamin C which plays one of the most important roles in pro-collagen production. Therefore, these fruits play an excellent role in boosting your collagen. 

  • Egg whites 

These aren’t the best source of collagen but they contain proline, which is an amino acid necessary for the production of collagen. 

  • Bone broth

Why bone broth is one of the best foods that boost collagen is because bones and tissues contain collagen and that turns into gelatin on being cooked. That, in turn, provides our body with amino acids. 

  • Bell peppers 

Just as citrus fruits, bell peppers tend to contain quite a good amount of Vitamin C. And as that is an essential part of collagen, these are super healthy to consume, especially red bell peppers. 

  • Banana 

This is yet another food item that is rich in Vitamin C, which is why it also makes up a great supplement for boosting collagen production in your body. Top some pieces on your pancakes or waffles during breakfast or you can even have caramelised banana which tastes delicious; either way, you can get creative and healthily enjoy your food! 

  • White tea

White tea tends to prevent the enzymatic breakdown of collagen and elastin. And due to this ability, it boosts collagen production by making our skin stronger, healthier, and more radiant. 

  • Vegetables 

Vegetables, especially leafy greens like kale, spinach, collards, etc., contain a considerate amount of Vitamin C along with amazing antioxidant properties which not only helps stimulate collagen production in our body but also prevents the breakdown of collagen. 

  • Soy 

Soy products are great collagen production boosters as they contain a certain type of plant hormone which not only acts as an antioxidant but also helps in blocking enzymes that generally age skin. 

This fruit is rich in Vitamin E supply and stimulates the growth and production of anti-wrinkle collagen; avocado oil is regarded as an immensely healthy supplement that reaps numerous skin benefits. 

You can combine these ingredients with so many other foods and come up with something yummy and healthy! 

Instead of eating the veggies separately, you could simply prepare a vegetable salad. And there are already so many different ways in which you can cook and devour your chicken and fish. 

So, get creative with your food!

Although all these collagen boosting foods are healthy, if you notice symptoms like fatigue, dry skin, wrinkles, skin rash, joint pain, muscle weakness, etc., then it would be best if you consulted your doctor as soon as possible because these could be signs of lack of collagen. 

And even though these supplements are extremely helpful, it is always safer to just have had a word with a trusted doctor.