11 is considered to be a lucky number globally. Well! We don’t know about your luck but 11 is surely a good number for the baby growing inside you. Being 11 weeks pregnant means your baby is already past the embryo period and is growing into a tiny human now. 

You might want to start discussing baby names with your partner because in the 11th week of pregnancy the genitals of your baby will start developing. At this stage of pregnancy, your 11 week baby bump is very likely to show. You will also need to mentally prepare yourself for people staring at your 11 week baby bump. 

Also, it might be the right time to indulge yourself in buying some comfortable maternity dresses for the rest of your pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Week: 11

When you are 11 weeks pregnant, the baby inside of you would be about 2 inches long (5 cms) and weighs 7 grams approximately. 11-week baby size is almost as big as a standard strawberry. 

The organs of your baby have already been formed during the embryo period, however, now in the fetus stage, they will continue to grow until the baby sets its foot on the earth-side. 

At 11 weeks pregnant, your baby’s head is very large and accounts for almost half the length of its body. The ears of the baby have migrated to each side of its head and are almost fully developed. Other facial and physical features are also maturing as the baby grows and makes it look more like a human now.

The fingers and toes that began growing in week 9 are now more developed and un-webbed. Soon enough the nail beds of your baby will grow too. The tooth buds of your baby will also sprout out this week while the taste buds are still under development. Hair follicles will also grow in their entire body.

Another mind-blowing news is your baby can breathe underwater! Yes, at 11 weeks pregnant, your baby will begin to inhale and exhale a little amount of amniotic fluid. This will help your baby’s lungs to grow and develop. 

11 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms 

The baby inside of you is growing with the speed of an engine on 5th gear and full acceleration. Along with your baby, some of your body parts are also growing to accommodate that tiny human. Your body will go through a lot of changes consequentially for making your womb hospitable for the baby.

1. Hair affair 

You might just fall in love with your hair when you are 11 weeks pregnant. Your hair growth will accelerate and hair fall would eventually become less. You would experience the tresses you always wished to have during your pregnancy. After being 11 weeks pregnant, the texture of your hair will change for good. It will become thicker, smoother, and shiny. Also, the hair quality type can change as well. It can either become oilier or drier than before. 

Other than your head, the rest of your body can also experience new hair growth. Few pregnant women also face new hair growth on their bellies, arms, or face. These changes are yet again caused by the hormones. 

2. Change in nail’s growth

The changes in nail growth can either be good or bad. These changes differ from woman to woman. Some pregnant women experience that their nails are getting stronger and grows more quickly than before. Meanwhile, some 11 weeks pregnant women complain that their nails often split and break easily now.

3. Dark abdominal line

You might notice a dark line running across your stomach vertically. This line is called line nigra, also known as the pregnancy line. It is associated with your pregnancy and occurs most likely because of hormones. Anyhow, it will gradually fade away after the baby is born. 

4. Leg cramps

Your legs may start feeling tight and have an aching sensation. These are called leg cramps most of the pregnant women face. This mainly happens due to a lack of minerals in your body. You must consume a balanced diet. To get rid of these leg cramps, make sure that you have an ample amount of calcium and magnesium intake in your body. Also, keep drinking water and stay hydrated to reduce pain. 

11 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound  

In your previous ultrasound scans, you could most likely hear the heartbeats of your baby. Now, this time around that you are 11 weeks pregnant already, you will able to sense your baby breathing in the ultrasound scan. In the scan, you will able to point out your baby’s neck that is under development, separating its head from the rest of the body. 

During the 11th week, your baby’s body will start straightening out while his torso is also lengthening and taking its form. Your baby can make various movements like stretches, summersaults, and forward movement. However, you won’t feel these movements happening inside you as yet. 

Some Self-Care Tips for Pregnancy

Check Your Vitamin C- Your baby’s bones and teeth are still in development. In order to provide your baby with proper nourishment and develop healthy bones and teeth, it is important that you consume a good amount of vitamin C throughout your diet.

Vitamin C helps produce collagen that gives strength to your baby’s cartilage, blood vessels, and muscles. Supplying a good amount of vitamin C to your baby would reduce the risk of premature rupture of membranes. It also boosts the baby’s ability to repair wounded tissues. Hence, have a good amount of vitamin C in your diet for your baby. 

Start Doing Yoga- Enrolling yourself in some prenatal yoga sessions can be extremely beneficial for a pregnant woman. Even if not regularly, at least one session a week for 8 weeks can also do wonders for your health. Yoga can help reduce an expecting woman’s anxiety and depression that will eventually lower the chance of premature birth or postpartum woes. Yoga is the perfect exercise for pregnant women.

Hair Removal- If you choose to get rid of body hair, it is considered safe to opt for shaving, waxing, or other regular hair removal methods. However, resorting to permanent hair removal methods is not good for pregnant women, it can cause harmful side effects in your pregnancy. 

So breathe and be calm and enjoy your pregnancy!

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