11 Modern Day Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

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Bridal Shower Gift
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We ladies wait desperately for our friends to get married, don’t we? Celebrating a friend’s wedding is like the most awaited event after we attain a certain age. Before the arrival of the big day, a bridal shower is celebrated where the to-be-bride is given gifts by her loved ones.

Choosing the bridal shower gift can be tricky. Not able to decide what to give your friend for her bridal shower? Several thoughts run through your mind while thinking about the bridal shower gift, doesn’t it? Will she like it or will she toss it later? Generally, people give the bride a very generic type of gift which is mostly of no use.

The whole purpose of getting a bridal shower gift is to provide the bride with items that she can use to start her new phase of life with her man. There are many options from which can be chosen for a bridal shower gift. In this article, you will get some ideas on what to choose as a bridal shower gift for your dear friend.


Bridal Shower Gift

Lingerie is very essential and as a woman, we all understand its importance. Gifting lingerie will help the bride-to-be in her honeymoon phase making it more fun and exciting.  And as a bride’s maid, it is your duty to get the bride everything she requires. 


Bridal Shower Gift

Bedsheets are a great idea as a bridal shower gift. Bedsheets are really practical gifts to give to the bride to begin a new phase of her life. 

Scented Candles Set

Bridal Shower Gift

Scented candles are a mood setter, aren’t they? Best gift ever to a couple who are newlyweds. Help your friend enjoy her honey phase and set the ambiance better with sweet-scented candles. 

Pretty Nightgown

Bridal Shower Gift

A cozy and pretty nightgown is an ideal gift for the to be-newly married bride. This will be a great addition to her honeymoon set of clothing as well. 

Kitchen Stuff

Bridal Shower Gift

If the soon to be married couple knows their way around a kitchen and loves to cook meals and try out new recipes, there are few gift ideas which you can use. You can get gifts such as a good cookbook containing recipes of cuisine they love, a wooden cutting board, a cocktail recipe book, cookware, a cake-stand, etc.  

Bathrobes For Her And Him

Bridal Shower Gift

Bathrobes of soft microfiber cotton for the man and wife makes a good and useful bridal shower gift. If not robes, towels also make a good gift for the couple to have a good after bath experience. 

Wine & Whiskey Glasses

Bridal Shower Gift

Wine and whiskey glasses are another awesome bridal shower gifts for a couple who will tie the knot soon. Apart from the glasses, you can also gift a wine bottle rack which can also be used as home décor. 

Essential Oils + Diffuser

Diffusers are a sort of modern-day replacement of scented candles. Although scented candles have their charm creating a cozy environment at home, they are temporary.

Bridal Shower Gift

Diffusers are something which is permanent, all you need to get are the essential oils for the aroma. The bride-to-be will definitely love this addition to her new home. Moreover, electric diffusers are also available which come with different light settings to uplift the mood. 

Jewelry Box

Bridal Shower Gift

Getting a pretty embellished jewelry box is another good addition that can be used to keep all her new pieces of jewelry. Along with it, gifting exclusive ring boxes for the couple is a good idea.

Cozy Blanket For The Couple 

Bridal Shower Gift

Another useful gift suitable for a bridal shower is a cozy double-sided fleece blanket. This will be a good addition to your friend’s bedroom. 

Glass Candle Holders

Bridal Shower Gift

Glass candle holders make a great décor item and bridal shower gift. There are various designs available for glass candle holders – hanging holders in the form of lanterns, simple glass candle gold holders and many more. Along with it, you can also gift a pack of scented tea light candles so that it can be used right away.

Choosing a bridal shower gift is fun but it requires a lot of thinking if you want the to-be-bride to have a unique gift from you. Also to be noted, there is a standard set on how much you should spend on a bridal shower gift which is $50- $75. However, depending upon your closeness with the bride, you can fluctuate the price range according to your liking and convenience. 

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