10 Unique & Thoughtful Housewarming Presents For Your Dear Ones

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We get it. It is that close person’s housewarming and you could not be more of a well-wisher. You want them to have the best times in their new home with everything bright and beautiful. But, with so much in mind, it can be tough at times to come up with a perfect gifting idea. If you have already spent hours wondering about the perfect present, your search ends here! 

Here is a list of 10 convenient and useful gifts that you can get for the housewarming party of your near and dear ones! Have a look girl! 

  • Food Coupons

Food coupons are the simplest yet the most thoughtful present and trust me, they will be thanking you even after you leave! While shifting is a hassle in itself, arranging the kitchen is the most confusing part. The ovens, cookware, and groceries can be a hell of a lot of trouble. Give them some time to relish good meals while they are at it! 

  • Fire Extinguisher

Quite unusual huh? But it is a necessity. Who knows, you may save lives with it! You might opt for a fancy one if the normal red one seems too basic for you! 

  • A Plant

Plants can be the best gifts ever. You can choose an air-purifying plant-like Aloe Vera, Golden Pothos or Bamboo plant or you might go for a pretty low maintenance beauty like the peace lily or snake plant. Plants like Orchids or French Lavender will also light up their new home! 

  • Mats

You know it. They are indeed useful and we can never get enough of them. Be it the bathroom, the kitchen, the drawing-room or the bedroom, they have their uses literally everywhere. Choose a cute one according to their style of home and you are done! 

Pro tip: Welcome mats or bathroom mats are a better choice since they need to be changed frequently and are much required. 

  • Personalized Gift Box

What can be more useful than a personalized gift box! Just get a box and stuff it with everything you feel will be needed but the person can forget to buy. You can include bathroom essentials, kitchen essentials, towels, handkerchiefs, masks or even breads. To give the present a cute twist, paint the box and decorate it with ribbons! 

Pro Tip: If you are low on budget, have a simpler alternative! Get a mason jar and stuff it with essentials like brushes, glues, and clips. Trust us, they will be happy to receive the essentials they might have lost in the move! 

  • A Memory

Moving homes can include a lot of emotions. Unless they are your new neighbours, you probably know and have visited their last home. Why not use this to your advantage? You can make a beautiful book or photo frame of their memories from their last home and present it to them. If they have moved states or cities, a framed map of their old neighbourhood or state will also be a good choice. 

Alternative: You can also go for a casting clay handprint keepsake to make a special memory of their new home! 

  • Containers

They can never be extras! Get them some nice airtight food containers and we assure you of their satisfaction. After move-in organizing the stuffs, especially the kitchen stuff can be tough. A great occasion to be of help to your dear ones with the cute food containers! 

  • Tools

A move in requires a lot of carpentry and plumbing, so get the perfect gift for them! Gift them a box of essential tools like screwdrivers, hammers or flashlights. They will use it well and your thoughtfulness will have the perfect use! 

  • A Soft Blanket

A blanket always has its uses. Give them a soft blanket for better sleep after the tiring move in days. A bonus? Blankets can be used for years and are available at all prices! Try to choose a blanket that fits the colour of their rooms and if you are clueless about it, get a neutral one! 

  • Placemats

They might have forgotten about it but you shouldn’t! Gift them pretty placemats and do your part in enhancing the interiors of their new home! 

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