Having two kids at the same time can be a blessing for many people. It also comes with many difficult challenges that parents face at the beginning of their parenting career.

To adapt to many new responsibilities, many parents panic very easily and make terrible decisions on caring newborns. Taking care of twins is always a bit different than looking after a single one.

Must-Have Baby Essentials For Twins

Here are some of the most required baby essentials if you are expecting twins

1. Separate Crib for Each

From the beginning of twins’ birth, you need to provide extra attention to their sleeping cycle. A newborn baby must-sleep twelve to sixteen hours of sleep in a day, purchasing two separate baby essential cribs for each will help them sleep well.

Buying cribs are a long-term investment because, if you are keen to buy a bassinet, you should know that after six months you need to shift them in cribs to cope up with their size. So, shifting them in cribs from the beginning will save some bucks. We recommend you research the best baby cribs before you decide to buy them.

2. Double Stroller

A double stroller is a great option to help your newborns to stay comfortable when they are on the ride. The advantage with the stroller is, you can fit both of them and single-handedly operate the stroller while on the go.

Besides, the double stroller is a bit bulkier than usual so that both babies can fit nicely and comfortably. Parents love to take their babies on the ride, take them into the shopping mall, travelling, visiting a park, on those moments a double stroller is a must have baby essentials for your babies’ safety.

3. Portable Play Yard

A play yard is an entertaining tool for twins, and it is must have baby essential for babies to sit and crawl. It is advantageous because it allows babies to play and develop their motor skills by playing in the yard.

The portable play yards are our personal favorite as it is portable and can be picked on the go and set-up even in small spaces. It is a perfect accessory for families who love to travel with their twins or don’t have a big space outside their home for playing.

4. Breastfeeding Pillow for Twins

A breastfeeding pillow is designed for twins, and moms can easily breastfeed both of them when necessary. Few moms are fortunate to have twins so; sometimes moms want to breastfeed both of them at the same time, with this pillow, you can freely feed both of them. Besides, the pillow provides backside support, so it will be easier for moms to breastfeed them without any backside pain.

5. Large Diaper Bag

Take a deep breath. Yes, you indeed need a lot of diapers for your twins. It means to need a more oversized diaper bag so that you can store all the necessary staff for twins. The twins’ diaper bags have a lot of space and many compartments so you can organize all the baby items on the go and save energy. Most of them offer a variety of colour options, and they are a bit pricey than regular diaper bags because of the larger capacity.

6. Sound Machine

A white noise machine has proven that it helps a baby to sleep longer than usual. Besides, this baby essential can soothe your baby’s nerve because of the smooth white noise, which assists in keeping your twins’ sleep without waking up each other. A sound machine is also working well if you have more babies at the same time.

Sound Machine
Sound Machine

7. Twin Baby Carrier

There are a lot of baby carriers in the market that are specially made for twins. It is not so comfortable like a stroller and doesn’t provide much space, but when you don’t want to take a bulky stroller to carry your baby while you are outside, this will let you move hand free, and you can carry twins at your shoulder like a bag. Research about twin’s best baby carrier review to know more.

8. Doorway Bouncer

A doorway bounce is important baby essential for their entertainment. It provides fun and exercises even if your twins can’t walk yet. It is not only an excellent toy for twins but also works well with a single baby; the baby can attach with the bouncer and can ride safely. Most of the doorway bouncers are made with safety such as it is rounded and has a rubberized edge to protect the baby from any unexpected danger.

9. Bottle-Feeding Pillow for Twins

As you already know about breastfeeding pillow, but there is another one, which is a bottle-feeding pillow for twins. It offers a comfortable seat for twins while being bottle feed. Besides, it is also attachable with a car seat to keep your children safe and sound while feeding them.

10. Baby Monitoring System

You need to monitor twin’s activity while you are not around. The baby monitor can let you see baby activity like sleeping hour, unexpected wake up in the middle of the night and notify when it detects something unpleasant.

We recommend you to buy a baby monitor with two cameras so that you can see both of your babies at the same monitor. It also provides a birds-eye view at night to ensure twins’ safety and security.


Twins are the blessing that a few parents can enjoy. However, it also brings many responsibilities that parents can feel hesitant about. We hope you will get some ease after purchasing those baby essentials for your twin and enjoy quality time with babies.

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