Marrying into a royal family can be life-changing, especially when it comes to affordable fashion choices. However, the Duchess of Cambridge didn’t quite let royalty get to her head, or let’s say, fashion. She’s always been someone who’s comfortable in her own body and has a style statement of her own, irrespective of her social status. She dazzles in designer gowns and slays informal outfits but at the same time, she’s also inclined towards chic, affordable fashion. She wears brands like Zara and Topshop like she would wear high-end brands. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about Kate Middleton’s fashion choices that make her one of a kind. Her effortless grace and the confidence with which she carries herself in whatever she wears makes her look like a queen, in the truest sense of the term. If you’ve been looking for inspo from Kate Middleton’s outfits, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also mention the times when the affordable dresses of Kate Middleton were the talk of the town.  

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Affordable Fashion Choices outfits

Here are some of the best affordable fashion choices outfits that are easy on your purse:

1. Plain Blazer for Informal Power Dressing

On 12th November 2019, the duchess was seen rocking gray plaid blazer that she paired with a simple white tee and plum pants. We’ve surely got a lot to learn from Kate Middleton’s fashion when it comes to dressing up outfits by layering. The black belt and little drop earrings were very well thought of accessories that looked ever so effortless and classy. Her soft bouncy curls and that million-dollar smile completed the look in the best possible way.

2. Floral-Printed Maxi Dress for the Win

Floral-printed maxi dress for the win!
Floral-printed maxi dress for the win

We love easy-breezy maxi dresses and so does the duchess. On September 10, 2019, we witnessed one of Kate Middleton’s affordable dresses that fit her perfectly. The Emilia Wickstead piece cinched her waist beautifully when she wore it to the grand opening of a garden and playground that she assisted in designing at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Garden Wisley, Surrey.

For a Duchess, the dress is pretty cheap and affordable and we can’t love her enough for choosing fashion over money. Style is a very personal characteristic but affordability and accessibility should be promoted by those who hold an important position in society. 

3. Black Top with Polka Dots 

The fact that polka dots can never go out of trend was proved again by Kate Middleton’s fashion on 19th September 2019. She decided to make a surprise visit to London, to the Sunshine House Children and Young People’s Health and Development Centre in black, wide-legged pants and a black polka-dotted top with long sleeves. She looked her casual best with blow-dried hair and no major accessories. 

4. Green Culottes are Chic and Classy

Green culottes  are chic and classy
Green culottes are chic and classy

When it comes to fashion picks, all of us have certain favorites. One of Kate Middleton’s fashion favorites seems to be green culottes. She wore olive-colored flowy culottes in October of 2019, along with a well-fitted, full-sleeved sweater. In 2020, she stepped out for the SportsAid event in February, in deep green culottes from Zara. She styled them with a green quarter-sleeved top and broke the monotony with white sneakers from M&S. The sneaker also had green detailing. Her edgy neckpiece and the sleek pony made her rock the sporty look. 

5. White Sweater for Some Sporty Fun 

Kate Middleton’s fashion, when she went to the National Stadium in Belfast, was cool and casual. The Ralph Lauren cable-knitted pullover was a good combination to pull off with New Balance sneakers. On February 27th, 2019, Kate had a good time with the soccer ball in the sporty, yet comfortable look. Her watch was a very smart addition that elevated the vibe of the look. 

6. Pink Dress for the Right PT Vibe  

The cute pink, Michael Kors dress was a great choice for styling, on 5th September 2019, when Kate decided to drop Princess Charlotte to school, on her first day. 

Pink dress for the right PT vibe 
Pink dress for the right PT vibe

She opted for a black belt to cinch her waist and add structure and elegance. Kate Middleton’s outfits are always on point, even if they are for a school visit. 

7. Puffer Jacket to Keep Winter Fashion Hot  

When it comes to winter wardrobe essentials, one can’t miss out on puffer jackets and the bright red piece that the Duchess wore on 4th December 2019, is to die for. She slipped it over a green sweater and wore black bottoms to look street smart. Her curls looked stunning and she appeared as pleasant as a warm breeze on a winter morning. Kate Middleton’s winter fashion was perfect.

8. Striped Dress to Keep it Laid Back and Cool  

It seems like Kate Middleton’s affordable fashion choices can’t do without Zara dresses. In the summers of 2018, she was seen to step out to be an audience for a polo match in Gloucester. She looked adorable in the striped shift dresses with off-shoulders. The bow detailing of the dress made her look casual, as well as elegant. It added an aspect of femininity to her ensemble. She wore beige pumps to complete the fun look. 

9. Geometric Skirt Helps Keep it Formal and Edgy

Kate wore a geometric-patterned midi skirt on May 16, 2016, for the launch of a campaign called Heads Together. 

Geometric skirt helps keep it formal and edgy
Geometric skirt helps keep it formal and edgy

She paired the skirt with a plain white blouse and carried a simple black clutch to keep up with the symmetry. She looked extremely put together and chic at the same time. 

10. Pink Floral Dress for a Day of Sightseeing

Kate Middleton’s affordable dresses include the pretty pink dress that she wore on 13th April, in 2016, when she visited the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC) in Kaziranga, India. She was here to feed the tiny baby elephants. She looked like a sweetheart with her hair tied up in a bun and ears adorned with lovely white earrings. 


We have mentioned 10 instances when Kate Middleton’s fashion looked stunning but was not that ‘royal’ either. It’s time that celebrities take inspiration from her and make fashion more inclusive and accessible for all. Instead of running after brands, we should run after what makes us feel good and help us associate with our inner self because that’s what fashion truly stands for. Do you feel inspired already? We sure do! 

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