10 Clothing Items That Are Men-Repellers

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Simran Lakhina
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Women love having guys’ heads turned around towards them. They always want to look their best first for themselves and second to leave a mark wherever they go. Even our man loves to see us dressed in our best and they love it when their lady steals the show. 

We are going to tell you about the items of clothing that men don’t like. They don’t like seeing their woman or any other in those clothes.

Here is the list of unpleasing clothes that men don’t quite adore:

Loosely Fitted Pants & Odd Leggings


Baggy pants and those printed or textured legging do above a man’s head. They don’t understand that colorful and ill-fitted bottoms. The main reason for it is that it breaks body proportion. Men like to see a lady in nice trousers instead of harem pants. So it is a strict no-no for your next blind date.

Shirt Or T-shirt Dresses


A man’s mind fails to understand if that’s a one-piece dress or just an oversized t-shirt or shirt. Men have a habit of seeing shirts or t-shirts with pants so a shirt dress is difficult for them to digest. The matter of fact is men don’t like what they don’t understand. 

Tent Dress

Men think that a dress that’s taking up so much space is odd-looking. The bubbly dress or gown that takes up a heavy radius is a turn off for men. They don’t like a Christmas tree look on chicks. 

Shorts Over Tights


This odd concept of wearing shorts over tights or stocking jumbles up a guy’s mind. Either you wear shorts or tights, the combo goes above a man’s head. For men’s psychic, shorts are summer clothing so pairing it with tights and boots irritates them. 

Too Many Sequins & Sparkle


Guys don’t like a girl looking like a chandelier. Sequins and sparkles are nice but covering your whole body with it will be turned off for a guy. Too much shiny gives a guy creeps. 

Pants With Writing On The Butt


Writing on the butt highlights your bottoms and not in a good way. So if you love wearing your favorite juicy or pink track pants, then guys are going to notice and they are not going to like it much. Guys also believe that only maniacs wear track pants in public. 

Weird Heels


Heels do make a girl’s leg more attractive but a weird pair of heels is going to leave an alien impression on a guy. Heels are good but men hate stilettos and platform heels. They are more into pencil heels and stuff. 

Ugg Boots


Boots are nice but oversized ugg boots are so not what guys like. The oversized ugg boots are so big to digest. They give women clown feet and that is so not what a guy would like. Men think that it looks weird and add volume to legs. 

Hair Bows


Men don’t want to see a baby in a lady. Hair bows make a girl looks like a schoolgirl and guys don’t like that. They like the bold and beautiful females more than those putting hair bows on their heads. 

Dresses With Too Many Colors On It


The Lady Gaga multi colors dressing is not what guys really find attractive. Too many colors give an immature clown look and that a guy can never like. More than two or three colors in an outfit is more than enough for a guy to catch an eye. 

The above clothes are men repellers so be cautious the next time you are going on a date or a club or just for an outing with your man. Understand, guys don’t appreciate things in exactly the same way as we do. 

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